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    Our Thrower’s STIM System Implements a Systematic Band Progression for Warm-Up & Daily Arm Care.

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Baseball / Softball Arm Care Instruction

It is no secret that the vast majority of players, as well as most parents, have little insight into what is necessary in maintaining a healthy throwing arm. Most players’ daily “routines” and pre-game “warmup rituals” geared towards the regeneration and preparation of the throwing arm hold little value in actually doing so. That changes with our revolutionary Thrower’s STIM system, which utilizes the fundamental principles of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and Resistance Training Specialist (RTS).

Throwing Arm Care Instruction

What Does ‘Arm Care’ Actually Mean?

Research has done a great deal over the last few decades in identifying pertinent risk factors relating to shoulder health within the overhead athlete. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find training programs that actually incorporate this information to any extent, much less on a routine basis. Yes, you may become acquainted with these risk factors in a physical therapy clinic at some point, but you wouldn’t be going to physical therapy unless you were already hurt. So what’s the point in having these risk factors if you aren’t using them to prevent injury??

Baseball Arm Care Instruction

We propose a different solution..Let’s use the information that has been accumulated at the expense of thousands of shoulder and elbow injuries and use it to build a healthier athlete.

What Will You Gain Through This Process?

  • A comprehensive range-of-motion analysis on both your throwing and non-throwing shoulder with identification of specific risk factors that leave you vulnerable to injury and performance loss.
  • You will be given access to our revolutionary Thrower’s STIM system, which will allow you to implement an extremely systematic band progression each and every day.
  • I.T.S. Baseball Arm CareBecome more knowledgable on proper throwing recommendations.
  • Gain a greater understanding on what muscle soreness actually means and the best ways to go about handling it.

What are these risk factors? Basically, an overhead athlete (i.e. baseball player) will undergo specific range-of-motion adaptations on their throwing shoulder throughout the course of a season and career. Some of these deviations are classified as normal, as others are not and have been associated with an exponential increase in the occurrence of an arm injury. Due to the fact that all structural adaptations (i.e. bone) are permanent, we are primarily looking at deviations or limitations that relate to muscles.

What Makes I.T.S. Baseball Different? As everyone else is focused on stretching and lengthening tissue, our approach is to do the exact opposite. We want to improve a muscle’s ability to shorten, and as a result, other muscles will lengthen accordingly. With this approach, we are not only improving range-of-motion, but stability as well. Keep in mind that muscles rarely tighten as a result of themselves, but rather, they do so in order to compensate for deficiencies elsewhere. With this in mind, trying to create motion in your shoulder through passive means (i.e. passive stretching) is not only ignoring the true problem, but you are most likely compromising the joint even further!

How do we Improve a Muscle’s Ability to Shorten? Our STIM system is designed to mechanically and neurologically emphasize muscles like no other band routine has ever done before. We have combined in-depth principles of muscle physiology, basic physics, and the foundations of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) to offer you the most advanced and thorough arm-care program in existence.

Ultimately, the best defense that an athlete can have throughout the course of their career is being properly equipped with GOOD information. Throwing a baseball is too violent of an act to have any missteps with your training and arm care, so equip yourself with the most up-to-date and sound information in the game.

Arm Care Instruction: $50.00 (40min Session)

I.T.S. Baseball Arm Care Instructors

Lesson Attire:

  1. Comfortable Clothes
  2. Tennis Shoes




Arm Care: In-Depth Look

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