• Hitting Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System is Based on MLB Swings Backed by Physics, Muscle Science, & Video Evidence.

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  • Pitching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball Creates Efficient, Sustainable, & Healthy Deliveries for Any Player at Any Level.

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  • Catching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Improves Catchers Technically, and to Become Commanders of the Defense.

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  • Athlete Development

    I.T.S. Baseball Offers an Un-Paralleled Training Experience for Baseball / Softball Players & Any Other Athletes.

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  • Arm Care Instruction

    Our Thrower’s STIM System Implements a Systematic Band Progression for Warm-Up & Daily Arm Care.

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Athlete Development ProgramNext Level Program (14-up)

Next Level Programming (High School & Up): The Next Level, Athlete Development Program, option is primarily for athletes “14” years-of-age or older (this may vary depending on maturity level and experience, which will be determined by the program coordinator upon entry) looking to take the next step in their development as an athlete. Through participation in this program, you should expect significant gains in speed, strength, and power. Furthermore, joint stability and muscular efficiency will be heavily monitored each week to ensure that you are optimizing your physical capability and avoiding injury.


Next Level, Athlete Development Program~ Packages are designed for 4, 8, or 12 – week intervals, offering discounts for longer term commitments.

~ I.T.S. Baseball creates a custom-designed workout program that will be based upon injury history, overall goals, availability, and training block (i.e. off-season, in-season, etc.).

~ 1-hr group classes focus on coordination, hip/core strength, speed / agility training, running mechanics, and corrective exercises (gathered from FMS Assessments).

~ FMS Assessments: Every 3 Months, every athlete is required to attend one FMS Assessment to tailor a program specifically to the athletes needs, and track current progress.

Athlete Development Program Next Level

Getting Started: FMS Assessment

A FMS Assessment is required upon initiation into the program, which is used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality. Additionally, we test vertical jump, horizontal broad jump, and 5-10-5 agility test to assess current physical ability and to set a benchmark for progress.

 Call (919)245-1181 or email kc@itsbaseball.net to set up your Initial FMS Assessment

FMS Assessment: $50.00 (40 min Session)

Next Level Program Pricing

1-4 Classes = $30 ea Class
5-9 Classes = $25 ea Class
10 + Classes = $20 ea Class

Classes Wont Expire and can be used for and ADP Speed or Lift Class.
*Attending without Paid Classes are each counted as 1 $30 Class

Schedule for Next Level Classes

Athlete Development Program Next Level Schedule
Click above for the I.T.S. Baseball, Athlete Development Program Class Schedule