• Hitting Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System is Based on MLB Swings Backed by Physics, Muscle Science, & Video Evidence.

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  • Pitching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball Creates Efficient, Sustainable, & Healthy Deliveries for Any Player at Any Level.

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  • Catching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Improves Catchers Technically, and to Become Commanders of the Defense.

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  • Athlete Development

    I.T.S. Baseball Offers an Un-Paralleled Training Experience for Baseball / Softball Players & Any Other Athletes.

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  • Arm Care Instruction

    Our Thrower’s STIM System Implements a Systematic Band Progression for Warm-Up & Daily Arm Care.

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Baseball Pitching / Throwing Lessons

I.T.S. Baseball Pitching Lesson

Not your Average Facility: The I.T.S. Baseball Difference

With the alarming rate of throwing related injuries occurring at the youth to professional level; Dave Shinskie has dedicated himself to create efficient, sustainable, and healthy deliveries for every player. He combines the natural flow of the body, seen in traditional deliveries, with advanced training techniques to create a unique style, that can only be found at I.T.S. Baseball. He also educates players, parents, and coaches about the dangers of misguided and misinformed training techniques, and exposes bad information. Our researched, tested, & proven pitching instruction has worked for players as young as 6, to players with MLB experience.

Evaluation: Set a Starting Point

I.T.S. Baseball Pitching Lessons

Before you can enter into I.T.S. Baseball’s pitching program, every player must start with an evaluation. You will be required to bring a glove and be fully ready to throw at your highest level. The first 20 minutes will be used for you to showcase your ability and allow me to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  We will warm your body and arm up, play catch until you feel loose, and proceed with a short bullpen (15-20 pitches).  Your delivery will be filmed from 3 angles on 720P 60FPS Go Pro Cameras.  You are welcome to keep the video after the evaluation.  After all throwing has finished, we will collaborate in the office and break down your video.  I will talk about your current ability and where I see your potential as your progress forward.  You will be compared to kids of your age group as well as professionals.

Price: $60.00 per Evaluation

Lessons: We Teach a Higher Level Delivery

Baseball Pitching Lessons

The lesson structure is initially based off of your player’s evaluation, and how we progress forward is entirely determined by how quickly he grasp’s the concepts and masters the movements. Your player must learn to throw a ball efficiently and consistently before we can talk about pitching. The lessons are to teach a proper foundation of how to move into each throw. You are not just paying for a 40 minute bull pen session, and not every lesson will take place on a mound. We may spend a whole lesson in the strength area doing a med-ball progression, or rotation movements with a dowel rod, without ever picking up a baseball. We frequently ask questions to make sure your player is obtaining the information and will be held accountable for his own development. We regularly take video and clock your player’s velocity to track his progress and to offer concrete evidence that our system is working. For more Information on I.T.S. Baseball’s Pitching Theory, Check out our Published Articles at Baseball Rebellion.

I.T.S. Baseball Pitching InstructorsDave Shinskie Prices: $50.00 Weekly / $55.00 Every Other Week

Lesson Attire:

  1. Tennis or Turf Shoes (No Cleats!)
  2. Dress in Comfortable Clothes
  3. Glove