• Hitting Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System is Based on MLB Swings Backed by Physics, Muscle Science, & Video Evidence.

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  • Pitching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball Creates Efficient, Sustainable, & Healthy Deliveries for Any Player at Any Level.

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  • Catching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Improves Catchers Technically, and to Become Commanders of the Defense.

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  • Athlete Development

    I.T.S. Baseball Offers an Un-Paralleled Training Experience for Baseball / Softball Players & Any Other Athletes.

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  • Arm Care Instruction

    Our Thrower’s STIM System Implements a Systematic Band Progression for Warm-Up & Daily Arm Care.

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I.T.S. Baseball

I.T.S. Baseball brings the most current baseball & softball information and instruction to Hillsborough, NC. Founded in December of 2007, I.T.S. Baseball opened its current location in Oct of 2011. I.T.S. Baseball is a members-only training facility that offers private hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding lessons; baseball and softball camps / clinics; a full strength, speed, and agility training center; and features a HitTrax data capture and simulation system.

Batting and Throwing CagesCages & Training Area

The Facility is clean and well-kept as there are no coin operated cages, team rentals, or food and drinks allowed in the training area other than water. As a member you can come and practice in any open cages! We advise calling before and asking when cages are available.
(3) half cages for batting lessons – open to members when not in use with lessons.
(2) full length cages with mound – open to members when not in use with lessons.

Batting Cages and Training



Strength, Speed, & AgilityStrength / Speed Training Area

I.T.S. Baseball has a fully furnished weight and training Area, containing all the equipment you will need to develop your skills and master our teachings. We are constantly designing new training techniques and tools and offer the most custom and individualized training programs for any player. Click to learn more about Strength, Speed, and Agility training.

Strength Gym



I.T.S. Baseball Conference RoomVideo Conference Room

Using the newest, high speed sporting cameras, your Instructor will break down your mechanics and compare you to a similar player, to see where you measure up. We also show you side be side to Major League Players, offering visible proof that the top players use the same techniques. We save all of our video recordings to track your progress. Feel free to bring your own USB hard drive and take your hitting, pitching, fielding, or catching footage home with you.

Video Breakdown Room



Front Desk / ShopShop / Front Desk

We have I.T.S. Baseball Apparel, the Bat Drag Buster, the Drive Developer, the Rebel’s Rack, Ash and Maple Wood Bats (Dove Tail Bats), Lizard Skins, Pro Hitters, Phitens, Baseball Rebellion Gear, and more; in our always growing shop. Too far for a visit? You can buy I.T.S. Baseball and Baseball Rebellion products online at www.baseballrebellion.com/store/. Our friendly front desk staff can assist you in scheduling evaluations, individual lessons, or finding a time slot to reserve for your membership. For any questions or help you may contact our front desk or our Office Manager, Ryan Sudnik, by email ryans@itsbaseball.net or phone (919)245-1181.

ITS Baseball Shop