• Hitting Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System is Based on MLB Swings Backed by Physics, Muscle Science, & Video Evidence.

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  • Pitching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball Creates Efficient, Sustainable, & Healthy Deliveries for Any Player at Any Level.

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  • Catching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Improves Catchers Technically, and to Become Commanders of the Defense.

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  • Athlete Development

    I.T.S. Baseball Offers an Un-Paralleled Training Experience for Baseball / Softball Players & Any Other Athletes.

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  • Arm Care Instruction

    Our Thrower’s STIM System Implements a Systematic Band Progression for Warm-Up & Daily Arm Care.

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I.T.S. Baseball Brings the Most Current Baseball & Softball Instruction to the North Carolina Triangle Area.

Founded in December of 2007, I.T.S. Baseball opened its current location in Hillsborough, NC in Oct of 2011.I.T.S. Baseball is a members-only, Baseball / Softball training facility which offers private hitting, pitching, & catching lessons; baseball and softball camps / clinics; a full strength and agility training center; and is the only baseball / softball training facility on the East Coast featuring 3 HitTrax Data Capture and Simulation Machines.

I.T.S. Baseball leads the South East with the quality and success of our hitting, pitching, and fielding methodologies based on sport/exercise science and proven with countless data. Our facility and highly educated, full-time, staff allow us to foster a dynamic learning environment, which enables us to dedicate ourselves to the quest for the healthiest, most powerful, and truly efficient baseball and softball mechanics.

ITS Baseball / Softball Training Facility

What separates ITS Baseball from any other baseball / softball training facility is that every piece of information and instruction is researched, tested, and proven. Backed by physics, video evidence, HitTrax Data Capture Systems, and biomechanics science; we guarantee that you will be learning the most current baseball / softball information in the industry.

Each member of I.T.S. Baseball’s staff is a full time employee. We are continuously researching hitting, throwing, and fielding techniques; studying muscle mechanics; reviewing student’s and professional’s game footage; and developing drills and training tools.

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Baseball Rebellion

Baseball Rebellion is I.T.S. Baseball’s other website featuring weekly articles, online instruction, and video drills. We publish articles featuring researched baseball and softball information, video drills, or current baseball news. You don’t have to live near Hillsborough, NC to train with I.T.S. Baseball. ONLINE LESSONS offer the same training and paramount teaching received at I.T.S. Baseball, to the World. We urge all of our members to visit Baseball Rebellion and read our articles. Not only will you expand your baseball knowledge but you will increase the quality, and enjoyment, of your overall baseball experience as a parent, player, or coach.