• Hitting Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Hitting System is Based on MLB Swings Backed by Physics, Muscle Science, & Video Evidence.

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  • Pitching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball Creates Efficient, Sustainable, & Healthy Deliveries for Any Player at Any Level.

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  • Catching Lessons

    I.T.S. Baseball’s Improves Catchers Technically, and to Become Commanders of the Defense.

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  • Athlete Development

    I.T.S. Baseball Offers an Un-Paralleled Training Experience for Baseball / Softball Players & Any Other Athletes.

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  • Arm Care Instruction

    Our Thrower’s STIM System Implements a Systematic Band Progression for Warm-Up & Daily Arm Care.

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Catching Lessons

I.T.S. Baseball Catching Lessons

Evaluation: Set a Starting Point

I.T.S. Baseball Catching LessonsThe goal for a catching evaluation is to understand the player’s personality (vocal/communication abilities, knowledge of the position, and body type) and figure out his/her strengths and weaknesses behind the plate. Even as the player gets ready, we study his/her equipment and the way they use it. We look at stances behind the plate and run through receiving drills, paying close attention to flexibility and range of movement. After running through footwork, blocking, and agility drills, we’ll ask your player about his/her knowledge of the position, “situations & plays”.  The instructor breaks down your player’s performance, strengths/weaknesses, and asks what his/her goals are for the program and baseball/softball as a whole. The evaluation ends with the instructor laying out a plan for the lesson program and your player’s development.

Price: $60.00 per Evaluation

Catching Lessons

Lessons: The I.T.S. Baseball Difference

Lessons are customized to the catcher and his/her style, however like most positions; we must master the basics first. Besides being vocal, receiving is the most important thing for a catcher; therefore we focus heavily on being able to catch correctly and efficiently. Each lesson is not just catching bullpen; we also focus on movements and flexibility, so lessons frequently include med ball work, dot drills, using resistance bands, and footwork/agility exercises. We often record new video footage and compare it to previous recordings to track your progress and develop faster pop up times and ball to glove speeds.

I.T.S. Baseball Catching Instructors

Gabe Dimock & JK Whited Prices: $50.00 Weekly / $55.00 Every Other Week

Lesson Attire:

  1. Full Catcher’s Gear (Please, no Muddy/Dirt Covered Gear).
  2. Cup
  3. Glove
  4. Tennis or Turf Shoes (No Cleats!)
  5. Baseball Pants