ITS Baseball Hitting Instructors

ITS Baseball Student, 3 Home RunsCJ seems to finally be applying what you guys have been teaching him the past few years and he is crushing the ball, hitting missiles.  He knocked a ball over a 275 foot fence a few times at a practice before the tournament. Then at the games he had one home run in each of the first three games he played.  He was crushing the ball over 320 feet!!  The coach was going nuts! As a result, our phones are blowing up! We have 7 teams wanting him to play for them in Fall!

CJ went 14-16 and his batting average for seven games is .875!  WOW! This kid is on fire and I can’t thank y’all enough!! We are trying to get him in there for another batting lesson soon! You guys have GOT to come to Charlotte because you would get tired of seeing us for sure!  🙂
ITS Baseball, Hitting Testimonial Stats

-Kim F.